FileMaker Pro 11.0v3 won’t install

The old ‘A valid copy of FileMaker 11 could not be found’ trick, eh?

I knew previous updaters for FM11 were grevious ‘cos of Spotlight settings on OS X 10.6, but I believed that v3 had risen above such things. Recent experience tells me this is not the case. Here’s how I fixed it:

First; try the update: If is doesn’t work, I cut straight to the chase with the following:

Sys Prefs; Accounts; [lock icon], authenticate, [Login Options]

Network Account Server, click  [Join]

Click [Open Directory Utility]; [lock icon], authenticate,

Menu>Edit: Enable Root User. Set a good strength password!

De-authenticate out!

Open Terminal

mdutil -i off /{Enter} —>Stops the metadata scan that you see as mds in Activity monitor

mdutil -E /{Enter} —>Kills any existing md database

mdutil -i on /{Enter} —>Restarts md scan to fresh data file

Quit Terminal

If I’m feeling sensible, I now go back to Groups and disable root user…

Now wait a minute or so for the spot to appear in the Spotlight icon. And watch for md…. activity to ramp up and then decrease in Activity MONITOR —> May take a while (hours?)

And then the spot in Spotlight disappears.

Then run FMupdater.

I’ve had to do this on 5 of the 8 machines I’ve recently needed to update. It could be a feature of the particular image that is being distribruted to those ops – or it could be FileMaker. Who knows?

All I knows is, what I did works…


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