I have been creating and implementing FileMaker Pro solutions for clients since 1991. Creating and maintaining ‘industrial strength’ database solutions for a variety of different customers’ uses means I have a broad understanding of a variety of businesses. Being a FileMaker Business Alliance member, as well as FileMaker TechNet subscriber, means I keep up to date with the technology. And my background in logistics in the Retail arena helps me to understand that sector’s needs. So, I can create and implement easy-to-use solutions in a very short time.

My portfolio includes systems I’ve created for:

Contact Management and Production Planning for a major UK Food Labelling & Packaging producer

Contact Management, Sales and Stock Management for a major European Personal Computer supplier

Timetabling and Attendance Monitoring in a busy Sixth Form college

Staff Diarising in the Domestic Cleaning industry

Sales and Product Management for a leading UK Antique trader

Printed Material Management in the Fashion industry.

Service Management for a Mobile Phone supplier and installer 

Based near Beauly, in the Scottish Highlands, I manage installations locally and much further afield. FileMaker Pro (and I) work in a Macintosh or Windows environment and I have experience with Served and Single-user environments.


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